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KC Announce The Kuwait Squad for ACC Trophy 2010

Kuwait Cricket announce the Kuwait National Cricket team for the ACC Trophy (Elite) 2010. The players have been nominated by the five member Selection Committee approved by the KC Council and Board member Mr. Haider Farman.

Hisham Mirza was unanimously elected as Captain nominated by the selectors on account of his experience, skills, suitable age and leadership attributes.
The five selectors were Arshad Shams, Aamir Qidwai, Kaleem ul Hasan, Ayoub Shaikh and Sameer Faisal Desai. All the selectors participated in the nets and practice matches to ensure they see the players in all possible and maximum activities, giving them sufficient opportunity to prove themselves. The selectors held three closed door meetings altogether at different periods for discussions and making judicious decisions. The list of the selected squad is as,

1 Hisham Mirza (Captain)
2 Khalid Butt
3 K. A. Lasantha Dimuthu
4 Saif Ullah
5 Muhammad Amin
6 Nikhil Kulkarni
7 Saud Iqbal Galsulkar
8 Muhammad Javed
9 Saad Khalid
10 S. A. Nalaka Dayan
11 Muhammad Murad
12 Muhammad Akhudzada (Wk)
13 Khalid Yamin
14 Haroon Shahid
Sameer Desai – Coach
Ayoub Shaikh – Physio

Reserve Players

15 A. R. M. Sajid
16 Faisal Nadeem
17 Syed Ali Mehdi
18 Yasir Butt


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