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ACC Trophy Elite 2010 Schedule

March 31 Kuwait v Singapore at KEC
Afghanistan v Bahrain at Hubara
Hong Kong v Nepal at Unity
April 1 Bahrain v Malaysia at KEC
Oman v Singapore at Hubara
Bhutan v UAE at Unity
April 2 Afghanistan v UAE at KEC
Hong Kong v Kuwait at Hubara
Nepal v Oman at Unity
April 3 Nepal v Singapore at KEC
Afghanistan v Malaysia at Hubara
Bahrain v Bhutan at Unity
April 4 Bhutan v Malaysia at KEC
Bahrain v UAE at Hubara
Kuwait v Oman at Unity
Hong Kong v Singapore at Sulaibiya
April 6 Hong Kong v Oman at KEC
Nepal v Kuwait at Hubara
Malaysia v UAE at Unity
Afghanistan v Bhutan at Sulaibiya
April 7 7th/8th Place Playoff (A4 v B4) at KEC
SF1 (A1 v B2) at Hubara TBC
SF2 (A2 v B1) at Unity TBC
April 8 9th/10th Place Playoff (A5 v B5) at KEC
5th/6th Place Playoff (A3 v B3) at Unity
April 9 FINAL at Hubara
3rd/4th Place Playoff (Losers SF1 v SF2) at Unity


Hong Kong   UAE
Nepal   Afghanistan
Singapore   Malaysia
Kuwait   Bahrain
Oman   Bhutan

5 Responses

  1. unity graund kaha chha?doha ko kun thau maa? kec graund kaha ho?ra hubara graund kaha ho ?can you pls let us know

  2. nepal can so it that any of the non test rankings cannot do it

  3. Scoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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