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हामी नेपालीले जहाँ गए पनि देशको मायाँ बोकी जान्छौ

 यी नेपाली ठीटो उच्च शिक्षा हासिल गर्न जापान छिरेका हुन तर जापानमा नेपालीलाई चिनाउनका लागी उनले गरेको प्रयास सर्हानिय छ वाँकी भिडियोमा


2 Responses

  1. Dear Reader,

    On behalf of wel-come program for our Ambassador Muduban Poudel on the first of January 2010 at Aisa-Aisa Hotel in Kuwait city. I would like to convey my deep appreciation for all strong participation in, and support for, the outstanding success of our wel-come program.

    I would also like to convey my deep appreciation to all of our friends and colleagues in the whom sars affected area who…. Through their unselfish and generous cooperation with our difficult decision to request there voluntary withdrawal in Nepali culture program …… made an invaluable contribution to our ability to host the culture program in Kuwait city as planned.

    Now that the final are in, I am pleased to inform you that, for wel-come to our first Nepali Ambassador, that time Nepalkuwait.com give a live cast and we had 5,326 registered delegates for the program; including 925 from Japan, 326 from UAE, 769 from Nepal, 598 from Canada, 738 from Saudi, 387 from Australia, 521 from Qatar & 1,000 from USA & 62 from other press. And we hope, our wel-come program is view by more them 80,000 people from 25 countries and regions.

    By this, participated & interest on the Nepali Program, as well as in the strategic Roundtable Discussion, this is very good sign of the growing Nepali Culture in overseas and growing potential of our program in near future. For the first Nepali Cultural program is organized in Asia-Asia Hotel of Kuwait city, we were particularly pleased to be able to draw on such strong participation from Kuwait and, since we know it was impossible but we achieved the goal and we posting the keynote addresses, as well as brief highlights of our local arties.

    By this achievement, we published our Nepali magazine from Kuwait also. This magazine contains our culture, traditions, voice of desert, and inborn talent of people, excusive news, information, entertainment. We hope this magazine will also touch your heart. Every time you all are supported to us and this time also we need your support to success . By this success again, we are trying to give a happy New Years 2067 by conducting the musical events on 9th April 2010.

    Personally, I shall certainly remain deeply indebted for the many excellent sponsor and alliances. We have been so fortunate to have been able to build the pillar on during the pass year and I would like to encourage each of you to continue in your strong support to our origination as our able successor.

    Sincerely yours,

    Saugat Subedi (Teku)

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